Ergonomics is used to optimize the relationship between the worker, the physical environment, and work tasks or procedures. Ergonomic Assessments include documented recommendations to reduce potential of injury while maximizing worker safety and productivity in any work environment.

Island Assessment has performed literally thousands of on-site assessment and education sessions. Areas of specialization and focus include:

We work toward facilitating work safety and overall employee health, rather than simply managing injury claims. This process involves educating the employee as well as identifying risk factors that may exist in his or her work environment. The employee is encouraged to put education into practice at the work place and at home. Expected benefits for your organization include:

Reduced incidence of injury and illness.
Reduced costs associated with the above.
Improved process reliability, productivity, and quality.
Improved employee morale.
Reduced employee turnover.
Reduced absenteeism.
Enhanced OH&S performance.

We focus on empowerment of individuals and organizations to control the physical performance culture.

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